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Company URL: www.holocentric.com
Main Product URL: www.holocentric.com
Company Overview: Holocentric have years of expertise in business process modeling and an international reputation to match. Holocentric assists organizations achieve continual process improvement through enterprise and business process modeling and management software solutions. We excel in the development and sale of business process modeling tools and related services. We enable you, your clients and your partners to understand your business in its entirety by using tools that are easy to use, quick to deploy and cost effective. Our products connect your business processes with your strategy and your systems with your business processes.
Product Category : Application Development, BPMN, BPO, Business Processes, Compliance, Modeling Centric, SOA,
Product/Service Description: Holocentric gives you the tools to build a living model of your organization, processes, people and systems. Your model not only holds information about these, but also about the relationships between them. It is a living model because as your organization changes you can update your model to reflect its evolution.
Sales Contact: Bruce Nixon
Sales Contact Email: sales@holocentric.com
Sales Contact Phone: +61 2 9957 3169
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OMG Membership Level: None
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